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Hollywood usher in the winter "break season " just three couples broke up two months

 Hollywood usher in the winter "break season " just three couples broke up two months

Last month, Christina - Aguilera and husband Jordan - Brightman marriage.

(Elizabeth - Hurley announced this week that her husband has been with the Indian billionaire Allen - naya separation.

Hollywood "celebrity couple" Scarlett - Johnson and Ryan - Reynolds announced break up.
The Beijing News reported on December 17 just two months, Christina - Aguilera, Colin - Farrell, Rachel - Weisz, Elizabeth - Hurley, popular U.S. drama "bloodthirsty forensic"actor - Michael Hall all have burst out with his partner broke up.
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Among which "High School Musical"in the golden couple Zac - Efron and Vanessa - Hudgens breakup may be the most for small fans unhappy. In the past Thanksgiving Day, they are still a big show of public affection. Very good match play in the couple file once the love extended to off screen to the romantic drama undoubtedly become more perfect, but also give you more space for imagination, and positive values of the two best years on display in the street shooting American casual dress is a lot of young models. The break up, do not know how much an outsider to becoming a sigh.
This week, one of the world's most sexy woman Scarlett - also with Ryan Johnson - Reynolds "flash off"the. Two years ago, their marriage is very low-key, not leverage each other after marriage speculation, in addition to the paparazzi on the street outside shot, you can hardly find a picture of them together. Beautiful sexy Scarlett everyone knows, and Ryan has repeatedly been named in U.S. magazine "the most sexy actor. " Perhaps the pure sex appeal is dangerous, the two do not hit with the consequences of human security can only be sadly away.

3 Great beauty tips, eye-catching Hollywood star

 3 Great beauty tips, eye-catching Hollywood star

3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Katie - Perry, Gwen - Stefani, Nicole - Ridge, popular Hollywood actress popular Big Secret beauty tips! Simple steps, you can transform into a big star.
Katie - Perry

Katie - Perry's gorgeous styling
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Katie is the kind of opportunity to try a bold color of the Hollywood actress (this session of the MTV Awards, she wore a blue wig), and she can always manage such a colorful look.
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Imitation Guide: If you want to try more different colors, and not at the expense of the cost of the entire head and hair, you can try streaks of bright blue or pink hair coloring mixed in the dense, too, can be harvested very gratifying results.
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips beauty tips big Hollywood stars like attention
Gwen - Stefani

Gwen - Stefani lips logo
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
We have the impression from the beginning, Gwen - Stefani's style is her lips a bright spot on the red carpet. She now began to try to plum red.
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Imitation Guide: Gwen as simple as painting a compelling need only look at the painting painted on a simple point on the eye liner mascara, and then with bright pure color lipstick to complete the friends. If your skin is very pale, try the plum red Revlon lipstick color can make you look a lot better, oh.
3 big Hollywood star beauty tips = copy from the international brand profile information website, 3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Nicole - Ridge

Nicole - Ridge Bohemian side of the disk queue
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Nicole has been a side dish made fans love, they not only look elegant and lovely, the actual operation it is also not complicated. So natural and appealing hair on all occasions to increase the degree of goodwill.
3 big Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Hollywood stars like striking beauty tips
Imitation Guide: Do not worry the hair will always stay together and work a few bundles distributed. When you finish your knitting braid after the site put it up little by little, and then a little pull to create a random number of cute fluffy temperament.

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U.S. singer victory over Europe Music Awards

 U.S. singer victory over Europe Music Awards
Beijing yesterday morning, the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards presentation ceremony in Madrid, winning the prize this year to get soft in the Lady Gaga become the biggest winner, won the best female singer in one fell swoop, Best Song of the Year and Best Pop Singer Award. Although not able to attend Lady Gaga, but Rihanna, Shakira, Katy Perry and other star performers of this ceremony to become very seductive.

Busy Lady Gaga because the concert will be held in Budapest can not spare to receive the awards, Rihanna, Shakira and other actress and the combination of Lincoln Park, rock veteran Bon Jovi, who performed at the scene hard, so that the whole Taiwan warm atmosphere unusual ceremony, stage appeal did not lose Gaga.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security Shakira wearing a sexy bikini tops her passionate interpretation of the hot track World Cup, more than eight thousand fans to the scene to bring the opening of a blood boiling. Then Rihanna wearing short skirts studded flowers debut, reveals a cute sexy, and immediately set off the atmosphere, becoming the ceremony, the most eye-catching style singer.

From the list view, American singer dominated the European music scene, won three awards in addition to Lady Gaga, the United States budding princess Katy Perry took away the best music video awards. United States electronic music diva money girl (Ke $ ha) Never let you beat the heat before a large and BOB, who received best newcomer award. Linkin Park won best live performance combination Artist Award. Old hip hop artist Eminem won the best hip-hop have no doubt Artist Award. Canadian singer Justin Bieber 90 after an accident before hot rap beat King award for best male artist award, and the two most prominent artists, brought a pleasant surprise.


Gaga's style a bit better

Earlier this year when the 52nd Grammy, Lady Gaga did not even nominated for best new artist, but soon she changed the Grammy for "Best New Artist" was included in the rules, which shows her current status of music in Europe and America. Many out-of-shape when she almost overshadowed the music itself, but in fact she was all that are built on top of good music. Lady Gaga domestic critics are on the football has been the biggest winner of three awards is not surprising. Qi is another music critic, said in an interview, "Lady Gaga had previously been shut out Grammy, but with the full swing of her influence, access must be granted. She launched the business for work during I feel very nice, in addition, different from other singers, she will spread its tentacles into more areas, to bring music to contemporary art, so she should have a greater future development. "music critic Ding Bo that, "Lady Gaga's meteoric rise is a miracle, she with a bit of modeling in a big fuss about the attention, of course, account for some cheap, but can not because she ignores the excellent music. Lady Gaga's most successful place not only in her style, but the unity of style and music. It also reminds some domestic artist Lady Gaga to imitate, not only concerned with modeling, but a consideration of the whole. "

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Hollywood star, health and good health

  Hollywood star, health and good health

When Leslie could not bear the psychological burden of a huge jump away, Li Yuanyuan, Zhao Lirong teacher terminally ill die, and Li Xuejian, Fu Biao and other actors continued to work when sick, star of the health care attention immediately became a hot spot. Entertainment in the tired heavy work, how to calmly deal with a number of stars, quiet beauty health, health care relief for?
Michelle Yeoh, said one way to eat well, age has never been her problem will not be troubled, father, grandmother have diabetes, have a sense of crisis, she started early to avoid the sugar in the maintenance of the eating habits of more than Shaoshiduocan as far as possible balanced nutrition. Sylvia suffered from liver disease a few years ago, the condition under control, she is more focus on health, exercise regimen over the years her breakfast, sweet potatoes, white rice, lettuce, fruit juice, health on such a simple meal for her radiant.
Method Two Slim Beauty Mindy in signing press conference, actually using the major shows to make their own energy body, mental changes occur magic of yoga, so that reporters can not help but sigh. "Latin Prince" Ricky Martin meditate every day, practicing yoga, this is a great law of the door to keep calm. But when it comes to practicing yoga crazy, who else comparable to 40 away Madonna! Look at the recent Madonna to the "W" magazine photo shoot 44, the thigh into the back of his head as a pillow to sleep easily get. Want to emulate? Madonna to learn first 4 years of yoga training hard now, this is not soft spot bones, ligaments pine point can be done.
Three-stage method can always run downtown vibrant, "Yu Quan" combination used to run way with the exercise, using their own words, "our good state is run 'trouble' out!" A lot of the campus where the boys are together in their spare time to spend with the football, "Yu Quan" is certainly no exception, despite the recent emergence of Yu who "break the legs" of small incidents, but to play missed the concert event of his recovered the body just wants to play the first thing. In their view, the court can bring them to the vitality of the most original, this is the music can not be completely replaced. In many cases, exercise can bring their creative inspiration, so that they relax the tired body, a lot of songs that is sweated They jumped into his head inside the melon.
Method of moving too frequently to have four good mental state, regular exercise is essential. Big in the entertainment-powerful singer almost all the standard sports fanatic: Sun Nan keen soccer, golf obsession Chin, Lin Yilun good at badminton, "Flower" band like extreme sports ... ... Ouyang Feifei debut 30 years, Forever young, happy anytime, anywhere her inexhaustible vitality of the heart, of course, to maintain the body can not be careless, for decades, her habit of shaking hula hoop never stopped at their hotel will be ready for her hula hoop, roll at least 1,000 a day under her, and now is trained hula hoop shaking the phone side of the skill.
Methods Five dance was crazy beautiful as Catherine Zeta-Jones is a bad tempered child princess, mother to nurture her lady-like temperament, to take her to learn ballet, until the film grows up, long time no Star Games Soon, Zeta-Jones will shake off the disappointment from the dance and regain self-confidence, but became popular, she changed the equilibrium pressure method, the heavy metal music so loud, is another decompression weird. Three years ago, Taiwan's artists and small S and Wu in the chair with her sister, "I guess I guess I guess guess" program, there is a "mission impossible" game unit, so that their sisters in a week's time, learn to dance GB dance, the little S Since then the "dance Allure" training methods.
Methods Six Biao was sick of life depressed, frustrated situation, overwhelmed Notice ... ... the pressures of the entertainment arts people are more willing to pitch in the car in exchange for a little happy with the speed, Huang Dawei, Nicholas Tse, Shing Fui players are one in the . In an interview, Fui tells his own racing experience: "the entertainment be too much work, and the car let me get in the spirit of the tension in the release of relief, I feel very happy the whole body. Do not look I am now fifty years old, but I also admit defeat in the physical, it was all magic to rely on the car.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator it is only good health, and in order to better pursue their careers, so that his family live a better life. "
Methods Seven wonderful young man was frivolous quit the artists are often contaminated with some of the smoking and drinking habit and gradually passing away when young, quit those bad habits is of primary health care work. "God of Songs" Jacky Cheung was a day steeped in alcohol anesthesia "problem youth", career frustrated him to soak in the bar every night. However, over middle age, but he quit smoking, drinking and insisted, through their own perseverance continued Chinese music's "Song of God" myth. Kenny Bee and Jacky Cheung same age Ah B, also belong to a youthful and family, marriage breakdown, economic bankruptcy, against none of his defeat, and now A B look younger, he said: "The great help to quit smoking on health, When my body tells me to quit, I have not touched, about 5 years, I feel I have become more dynamic, of course, essential movement! mountain climbing is my favorite now! "
Tien Niu method has been more than eight consecutive smile endorsement of Hong Kong Sau San Tong Slimming ads, every time amazing, not only more and more young and beautiful, she is also more symmetrical, Tien Niu has revealed that drinking plenty of water, choose their own skin care product is important, but smiling is her secret of eternal youth, she does not love sports can be regarded as natural beauty, with her endorsement of the machine self-cultivation, there is a good slimming effect, so she smiled happily.
Samuel Tai approach the age of nine sleep well although not enough to compare with the previous few, but to see his own people, will ask: "how do you is almost identical with the debut!" Samuel Tai admits: "I am focus on maintenance, though not deliberately However, the daily routine from day to attend to, such as sports absolutely essential, we should try eating light, the absolute most important thing is to fully rest. Every day is a good, long a nap on their own have the energy to work the next day the premise With adequate sleep, the body naturally strong, steady flow of creative inspiration will be the impact of the brain. "
In addition to these ten strange method method decompression approach to health care, the star artists and various unique personality choice: Fan Bingbing do not love sports, but a large number of drugs taken care to make her energetic, young and beautiful; Chen Lin felt girls perfume can ease the pressure; Mei Ting decompression before surprising the way, she would in a bad mood, too much pressure, let the eating and drinking, or a sudden a lot of money to buy their own things, buy clothes; Zhang Jing increasingly popular in the beginning of the film and television that people feel happy pleasant music is the most effective way to resolve one of annoyance.

Mix and match shirts DreamWorks Hollywood fashion show

Mix and match shirts DreamWorks Hollywood fashion show

Mix and match shirts DreamWorks Hollywood fashion show
Variations Version: old and famous of the Black Fleece Brooks Brothers series, guest hosted by designer Thom Browne. "Bookworm" look in a little cunning British Gas.

Rebellion Version: Abercrombie & Fitch take the life line of boys and girls after school, university school beauty, Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Securityfootball captain, drama club rising star, the debate team with the President ... ... the whole play, the background is the beach, field, campus stadium, half-naked physique, vigorous faction . Vice-line surfing around Hollister, carefree and exciting.

Style: various length models of personal T-shirt, a thin band vest, Baotou low cut big shirts, Hooded T-shirts and jackets, loose in modest, rotten rotten old old pair of jeans, geometric patterns bikini, sandals, recycling Great bag. 

Modern representatives: Juicy Couture track suit (and all other accessories), the rich color, shape of wit, full of fairy tale charm.

Marc Jacobs suit leisure of the traditional,Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator| old-fashioned style of modern, 08 spring and summer's "not finished", both inside and outside reverse, reverse the positive side, around, try a different style.

ProenZASchouler duo, with a sharp eye contour elegant transformation of high fashion, stylish casual ease of construction, improved layering, 08 more spring and summer of contrast, such as long-short on the outside in a suit vest.


Cancer chemotherapy have been re-Tian Du Douglas ex-wife claims the money on thin Gong Tang

Cancer chemotherapy have been re-Tian Du Douglas ex-wife claims the money on thin Gong Tang Was photographed in New York yesterday, Michael Douglas Obviously emaciated and wasting a lot of Earlier, the son of Douglas and wife attend the trial along, this time again in court showdown. Time News Network on August 30 local time, since the outgoing Michael Douglas for the first time after suffering from throat cancer was photographed as he was preparing to leave his apartment in New York. And compared to previous state of high spirits, now haggard and emaciated Douglas obviously a lot. He also faces tangled chores, physical illness with heart disease, I hope the 65-year-old actor will be as stated in his "optimistic" attitude to overcome this. Douglas has always been heavy smokers in earlier this month suffering from throat cancer was confirmed, rumored to have started a period of 8 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, if not unexpected, then, Douglas will be able to defeat the disease and complete recovery . Recently, the friends, co-starred in "Fatal Attraction" Glenn Close in an interview once said that in the next few weeks in the most need is the courage to Douglas. Douglas now to focus on the treatment side, on the other side was also busy with his ex-wife going to court - Diandela recover his film "Wall Street 2" half of the paycheck. Douglas and Diandela divorce in 2000 after the end of the year in the same year with more than 24 years his junior British actress Catherine Zeta - Jones marriage. At the time of their divorce agreement specified that if Douglas They shot the next renewal of the works within 23 years of marriage, his ex-wife Diandela can share half of the income, therefore, shot Douglas in 1987's "Wall Street" sequel arising out of "Wall Street 2 ", should also be taken into account. Douglas is now considered medical treatment to get into, Diandela also raised a lawsuit can be postponed so he adjourned the trial after recovery, but the proposal was flatly rejected the Douglas, according to an insider to the "New York Post "said:" Michael would like to make an early ending. " Douglas and his former wife have one son, now full of 32-year-old Cameron Douglas for drug trafficking and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, and in June this year began serving a sentence. He and Zeta - Jones also had two children after marriage, this 10-year-old son Dylan and 7-year-old daughter Kali Si.

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Gossip Girl Dress up stylish rain ahead

 Gossip Girl Dress up stylish rain ahead

: "Gossip Girl" mix and match the fourth quarter of the third bomb costumes heavy attack, the sex scandal girls killed in the streets of New York Yan film, drizzly shower Dress up feelings can not organize them, the season's latest big single product , mix and match with the most fashionable Upper East Side, in the hands of the incomparable aesthetic exposed himself under an umbrella to steal the spotlight. Captured the attention of all the pedestrian streets, if you want to abandon their rain that awkward, romantic and stylish walk in the rain, you must not miss "Gossip Girl" this season fashion heavy bombs. Fashion girls Come and Take That it!
         Lee (Blake Lively)

         Lee (Blake Lively) black and brown long-sleeved pink rendering full bat shirt short dress and Western style, the irregular pattern is very Jiaoren amazing. Was a broad waist with braided belt to set off with the legs more slender. A black shawl collar casual ride in a transparent umbrella kind of romantic feeling.

         Lee (Blake Lively)

        Light blue shirt and orange suspenders shorts with the Department of Floral atmosphere full of adolescent girls, a pair of slender legs and high heels in gold woven hollow against the backdrop of more attractive. Blue velvet vest for the whole body of small adds layering. Transparent umbrella with the bare-colored handbags are very comfortable and feels natural.

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Julie Roberts beat summit list Hollywood actress paycheck

Angelina Jolie

The authority of the United States film magazine "Hollywood Reporter" recently published in 2008 the highest paid actresses, Angelina Zhu Lirong board top.

Whenever the end of all income for the year end for the star of "Hollywood Reporter", published this year, the seven highest paid actors in Hollywood actress. Julie and Julia Roberts as 1,500 million dollars last year (about 1 million yuan of RMB 100 million) of the paycheck, were started filming the movie "wanted" and "duplicity", however, magazines chose Jolie for the year After absorbing gold, while Roberts is ranked No. 2. Because the subject under the influence of the global financial tsunami, even the line of people in Hollywood are expected to pay both male and female stars will fall when it was rumored that Jolie filming of "wanted" a sequel to the paycheck, there is an opportunity as much as 2,000 million, gone against the tide of pay is still increasing and deserved the highest paid actresses.

In 2006, crowned Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon, paycheck surge, as the highest pay is the star of last year, but this year went down by two, ranked No. 3. Last year, the big screen by the television industry into the katherine heigl, also new to the list the first five accounts, an encouraging result. As for Cameron - Diaz, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway is also top the popular list.

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